quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

Um simples gesto....

Welcome to Earth Water

Earth Water was founded on the simple concept, ‘If you had the chance, would you change the world?’.

It is Earth Water International's mandate to give 100% of our net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme to provide clean drinking water to millions of refugees around the world.

Everyday 6000 people die because of the lack of drinkable water, most of these deaths are among children. For this reason our shareholders are every man, woman and child living around the world without the most essential element needed to sustain human life: clean fresh water.

In order to get our money to where it is needed the most as effectively and efficiently as possible, Earth Water International has secured the cooperation and support of the United Nations World Food Programme, who is currently at work in over 70 countries. The WFP possesses the infrastructure, personnel and expertise to ensure the sale of Earth Water directly benefits those who need it the most. History has judged time and time again the importance of the work carried out by WFP. We at Earth Water are proud to support their efforts.

Em Portugal encontram estas garrafas no Continente:

São 0,49 € e ajudam muita gente!!

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  1. Não conhecia, mas vou estar muito mais atenta. E até tive uma ideia de falar com o Rui (o dono do ginásio), ele podia vender desta água, para ele é igual e sempre ajudamos de cada vez que vamos ao ginásio. Vou falar com ele, já amanhã.